Oral Health Tips for Your Pet Dog

admin 01/02/2019

When it comes to taking care of a dog, there are so many things to keep in mind–from nutrition to exercise to affection and love. If you want to ensure your pet dog’s health stays in optimal condition, it’s important to not only focus on his body, but also his mouth. A dog’s oral health can have a huge impact on his overall well-being, and by taking care of his teeth, you can ensure that his body stays healthy, too. Here are some oral health tips for your dog to make sure that an unhealthy mouth doesn’t cause any unnecessary problems or strife.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Buy your dog a pet toothbrush and some dog toothpaste. Then, daily, brush your dog’s teeth with the brush. Dog toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors–from peanut butter to mint to chicken. Find a toothpaste that smells good to you and one that is in a flavor that your dog loves having in his mouth. If he likes the way that the toothpaste tastes when you brush it onto his teeth, he won’t mind letting you do it daily.

Get Regular Teeth Cleanings

You can work on keeping your dog’s teeth clean at home, but you’ll need to have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned regularly in order to ensure that they’re adequately germ free. When you take your dog to the vet for a regular visit or to buy Heartgard, ask if you can also get your dog’s teeth cleaned. They’ll give your dog anesthesia so they can comfortably work in his mouth, and when he wakes up, he’ll have teeth that are plaque-free and healthy. You should get your dog’s teeth cleaned by your vet once a year.

Give Your Dog Tooth-Friendly Treats

There are treats that are made for dogs that are specifically meant to improve dental health. Buy your dog these treats and give them as rewards daily or every few days. When your dog chews on tooth-friendly treats, he’ll enjoy the flavor and texture of what he’s eating, and he’ll also enjoy the added benefits of cleaner teeth and better dental health.

Consider Dental Wipes

If your dog will let you, you can use dental wipes in order to clean your dog’s gums and teeth. At the end of the day, take a wipe and use it to wipe across the teeth and gum lines. Dental wipes for dogs are specially made to both remove plaque, food and dirt from your dog’s teeth, and to help kill any germs that are on his gums that could cause infections. It’s essential to keep any mouth infections at bay in your dog because they can spread from his gums into his blood, ultimately causing problems in other organs and systemically.

If you want to make sure your dog is as healthy as can be, make sure you pay attention to his oral health, too. By taking care of your dog’s teeth, gums, and tongue, you can ensure that his mouth will smell, look and feel good (for you and him!) for years to come. If you have any questions about the best way to care for your dog’s mouth and teeth, be sure to ask your vet, who’ll have tips and tricks for dogs who make it particularly hard.

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